The man of my dreams

I don’t usually report on my dreams, unless they’re particularly unusual. I’m prone to apocalyptic dreams and I’ve been known to wake up crying, but last night I had a different kind of dream.

There’s a guy I used to go to school with but we were never really friendly. We’ve kept in touch via Facebook and message each other sometimes. He tends to pop up in my dreams for no apparent reason a couple of times a year. They make no sense at all – the last one involved him driving around listening to music and I usually drop him a message to check he’s still alive afterwards. It’s become something of an in joke with us but they’re never of a sexual nature. Until last night. There was no sex involved, per se, but it still left me feeling quite flustered.

There’s been some tongue in cheek flirting and while he is very hot, he’s also miles away and he has a little boy, although he’s single from what I gather. We’re supposed to be meeting up for a drink early next month when I go back up north, it’ll be the first time I’ve seen him since we left school. I think I’ll be keeping this particular dream to myself…


Random Rant Alert

Grrr. I just checked my Facebook, and someone updated their status with something about their kids, followed by ‘love you millions’. Am I the only person who gets annoyed hearing this? I have zero idea why this phrase grates on me so much but it really does.

‘I love my boyfriend millions’

‘I love my kids millions’

‘I love my vibrator millions’

I don’t get it. Be original. Why does nobody say, ‘I love my boyfriend googolplex’. Or, ‘I love my kids to the value of Pi’?


Rude and silly things things make me smile

Random, silly pictures I’ve found buried in the depths of my hard drive. I have a juvenile sense of humour, they make me smile 🙂

If I could work out how to make them bigger, I would. But I can’t, so its tough.