Next stop…Languedoc

As I write, I’m sitting in a enormous garden, surrounded by apple, plum and pear trees, a pool, hammocks and a three legged dog. I’ve arrived in Languedoc for my volunteering. But, before I start, at Bogspua’s request, here are some photos I took in Monaco. 





So, after the splendour of Monaco, I’m now in the countryside. After arriving in Nimes on the train, I went to catch a bus to meet my host. Except, because the train was late, I missed the bus by two minutes. No problem, I’ll jump in a taxi – the next bus wasn’t for an hour and my host would be at the bus stop to meet me. Sitting in the taxi, we soon caught up to the sodding bus and since there were no stops betwen Nimes and my destination, I sat watching the meter run while the bus passengers sat having paid only 1.5euros for the trip. Oh, the irony. When I finally arrived, I had to stop at the cash machine to pay the driver. Only, the cash machine wasn’t working. Nor was the next one, or the next. After running around the town, I finally found a working machine, paid the driver and jumped into my hosts car, apologising profusely for the delay. Not the best of starts. Oh well.

In any event, she’s lovely and as she drove us to her house, I sat back and took in the scenery.


The downside? Spiders. Fuck me, the spiders. One as big as my palm jumped out of the sink at me. I’ve been attached to the hoover since I got here, I must have sucked up around 70 in the 2.5 days I’ve been here! But it’s been ace so far. I’ve helped change over the gite in preparation for their next guests, got my fingers green by doing a spot of gardening, picking fruits to make into jam, and prepared dinner using the many, many vegetables growing outside. Earlier, I took a walk and explored the local countryside with my host’s three legged dog. He’s an absolute peach, and I can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed with just the sound of the breeze in the trees and horses whinnying in the fields around me. Sigh.

It’s quite busy here though. Lots of friends coming and going (all of whom are lovely) and my host’s daughter is here from Australia. Her husband and 3 friends are coming at the weekend for 2 weeks, and there’ll be a massive garden party to celebrate their wedding.

I’m looking forward to it. The characters around here are colourful to say the least. A bit eccentric, tattoos, piercings, not at all what I would have expected. As is my host. The first morning here I woke up and could have sworn blind I smelled mary jane. But of course not, that would be silly right? Erm, no. I swear she smokes about 3 joints a day and has a huge amount of if in the garden. Like I say, she’s pretty cool. But the work is hard. I’m dog tired writing this right now, albeit happy.