Sod’s Law

So after my great weekend shenanigans of my last post, the week ahead was looking promising. I had a gig to go to, a good night out planned for the Friday followed by my night with the Brazilian. I went to see Kings of Leon as planned, but was a bit disappointed. We  were nice and close to the stage, but actually, they were pretty…well…just not as good as I thought they were going to be. I’m not a KoL afficionado or whatever but I wanted to hear more old stuff. Instead, it seemed they were playing more for the Sex on Fire generation. Added to that there were people throwing piss around in cups and general twattish behaviour, plus I wasn’t feeling too hot. I got home, tired and cold, but still, I’d been to see Kings of Leon.

The next morning I woke up and could barely breathe. I had the worst cold I think I’ve ever, ever had. I blew my nose so much I’m sure I lost some of my brain in there. 3 rolls of toilet paper in 3 days, and almost 2 weeks on, I’m still sniffling and blowing out rank stuff. I think I might actually have a sinus infection, so if it doesn’t clear up soon, I’m going to have to go to the doctor’s. I ended up sleeping my way through the Thursday, Friday and most of the Saturday. Yup, I had to cancel the hot Brazilian. Peed off wasn’t the word. I told him I’d be out the following Friday and he was more than welcome to come with. So, this week, Friday came round and some messages were exchanged – it was all looking good. Except he didn’t turn up. Or if he did, I didn’t see him because the place was bloody heaving. Grrrr. I wasn’t impressed. I wanted to lay him, I couldn’t do that if he wasn’t there!

It turned out to be an ok night. Mr Arrogant came brought a couple of mates – they were nice enough, but lotharios, pretty much like Mr Arrogant. I actually ended up slapping him around the face at one point and I’ve never slapped anyone before. He kept slapping my arse and then picking me up, and it really, really hurt. He definitely cannot handle his alcohol. So, I slapped him and told him to sort himself out. He disappeared, probably to terrorise some poor unfortunate girl, and I carried on having fun. Just as I was getting a bit bored, I turned around and saw some hot young guy. Tall, dark hair, nice eyes – well hello there. Yeah. I chatted him up some. Necked on a bit and then we left and ended up in Brick Lane until 3am. It was lots of fun. I fancied the pants off him and was pre-tty forward. I’m not one for coming out with what’s on my mind sexually but for whatever reason (probably feeling like a nympho as per my last post), that night, I was. We decided to escape the place we were in, left, bumped into a guy off Hollyoaks and then stumbled into a woman shouting up to an open window with blaring music. She was locked out of the house party and couldn’t get back in, so we helped get the party people’s attention until a girl in a onesie with rabbit ears came down to open the door.

Now, most people would just smile and be on their way. But I’m not most people. And for whatever reason, this guy was bringing out my mischevious side. So, we followed this woman into the party for a little gatecrashing action. I’ve always wanted to gatecrash a party, and one on Brick Lane had to be cool, right? Well. No. It was pretty empty, so we headed back out, since at that point, I just wanted to get laid. It’s funny, I’ve never really realised the power of words in those kinds of situations but when I told him I wanted to f*ck, the reaction was so visible, it made me laugh. And why not? We were both adults. He lives in Edinburgh so it’s not like it would be anything more than one night. Clearly we couldn’t come back to mine and he was staying at his parents for the weekend, so we decided to try a hotel round the corner. Except, it was fully booked. As was the one after that.

Can we say – frustrated?? It began to rain so we decided to call it a night and shared a cab. The next day we had a little banter over text but whatever – it served me no purpose. So annoying.

In other developments, one of the guys from my uni course has engaged me in a bit of messaging. It’s turned pretty filthy pretty quickly. Again. Nympho. He’s not in my tutor group which is good and I know that if I wanted to, I could go, get a quick bang and leave it there. But I dunno. It’s too easy. I like a bit of a challenge. But then it has been aaaaages. I’ve probably forgotten how to even have sex by now. Should I go for the Greek charmer or not? Decisions, decisions…