Fun Filled Dirty Weekend

Ok, so I’ve been a touch lazy with the old blog updates, but since I depart for my girls holiday tomorrow, I thought I ought to find time.

So, first things first. Mr Grey? So not a prude. After instigating a text conversation with him in an effort to find out what his sexual preferences were, he was very forthcoming. In fact, he provided a list as long as my arm! Some of them were fairly run of the mill, some were things I needed more clarification on. For example, he likes to be tied up and abused, with no limits on how. What does this mean? When I asked, he said it depended on the other person, but it could be anything. Does he like to be slapped about, or is it all verbal? I have no idea. I need more information on what this entails. Also on the list, he’s a fan of a little bum action. What man isn’t? Perhaps I should add he’s not averse to a sly finger up there himself.


Not sure about that. In any case, I unleashed a monster because my phone was blowing up with messages all night. Which made me a bit worrisome for Miss Sunshine’s birthday weekend. It ended up being a fantastic laugh. Her new boyfriend is lovely, I’m so pleased for her. Back at the hotel, Mr Grey and I had immense amounts of frankly, amazing, sex after our adrenaline filled afternoon. In the evening we went for dinner and drinks, made more exciting by the fact that I went commando under my little black dress. When I told him, he said ‘but you’re wearing tights.’ Perfect timing for me to reveal my suspenders and stockings. Yup, that’s how I roll. So after holding back on pent up tension all night, we went back to the hotel for more dirty time.

Oh, and as you might’ve guessed by my last post, I stacked it in my eagerness to get back to our room. Fell flat in the middle of the road and grazed my knee quite badly. I don’t know what it is about him that makes me lose control of basic motor functions but as per usual, we both saw the funny side.

On Sunday, we relaxed in the morning before driving back to his where I stayed until early evening when he went out with his boys. And now, I have at least a week until I see him again. I’m ridiculously excited about Ibiza with the girls, but I’m going to miss him. Oh dear. I actually like him – a hell of a lot. I don’t quite know how that happened. I mean, how on earth can a guy call me ‘cunt flaps’ and have me giggling like a moron and wanting more? Very odd indeed.

I’m pleased he’s not a prude. He’s getting more and more like Christian Grey every day 🙂