I’ve had enough!!!!

I’ve tried and tried to be optimistic. Really, I have, but enough already! Since the beginning of April it’s been raining practically everyday and I’m now reaching my limit of acceptance with the crap British weather. I mean, really? I’m sat in the office with a stinking cold and it’s grey and wet outside. Why? Stupid global warming.

It’s mid May. It’s supposed to be spring and while it does tend to rain in spring, this is taking the piss. When you’re a black woman with relaxed hair, rain is not your friend – whether you have an umbrella or not.


On the upside, I may be getting a little sunshine at the end of June. But I’ll wait for confirmation before I share that one with you all.

Please god/universe, please let it stop raining for a bit. Just a few days? It doesn’t even have to be hot, just dry. I’ll be the best girl ever, I promise…

Well. That might be pushing it a bit too far…


Let it snow…

Isn’t global warming just fantastic? Gone are the days when it snowed in December. Instead it seems as though February is the time for all of Europe to be covered in a blanket of the white stuff. Snow is great fun. You can have snowball fights, build snowmen, go sledging…what joy! Pfffft. My arse.

As usual, the transport system is struggling to cope, which means that the chances of me hooking up with Mr Soldier today are extremely small. Add to this that Aunt Flo’s due for a visit at some point next week and it looks like I’ll never get bloody laid.


I’m telling myself to…