Who is freechick, really?

Well hello there.

I’m a 20 something year old chick from London rambling about anything and everything that comes into my, frankly, confusing head. Which, at the moment seems to be a chronicle of my love life. Here’s a list of The Key Players. I’m full of contradictions and I love a good debate. Please feel free to donate peanut M & M’s, Roast Beef Monster Munch or a Lion Bar. I’m not into carrots, cauliflower or sprouts. Yuk.

Oh, and I swear like a sailor. I’ll try to reign it in, but if strong language isn’t your thing, you might want to divert your eyes and ears.


15 thoughts on “Who is freechick, really?

      • They’ve brought them back – Nik Nak multipacks are now Nice N’ Spicy, Spare Rib, and Scampi and Lemon. Yum! (OK I know a bit too much about that). I totally want some Monster Munch now. I’d settle for Pickled Onion if Roast Beef wasn’t available…

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