Tinder Bingo. Winning.

Ok, I’m back. Hopefully properly this time. Things are still mental with the book and life in general, but really, I just need to stop being so shit at updating this blog! Whoops!

Whirlwind catch up:

The Musician – over and done with. Was definitely a travelling only thing, but we’re still in touch and spoke a couple of days ago. Friends, but that’s it.

Mr Music’s best mate – Yeah. I went there. Things with Mr Music are in a good place, we’re actually acting like friends. I’ve moved about 20mins away from him and we’ve had some good nights out, one culminating in me pulling his mate. Ah well. We had a debrief about it, all good fun and not at all awkward.

As the blog post title suggests, I’ve signed up to Tinder. Man, it is ADDICTIVE! Seriously. So far I’ve had two dates:

Rastaman – bit of a trustafarian but fit as. Was only one date though and I never heard back from him. Poo.

Pastry Chef – French. Obvs. We were seeing each other for like 2 weeks, but I put the kibbosh on it yesterday. He’s super lovely, but ultimately too lovely and there was just something missing. Plus, he seemed to have a bit of an arse fixation. And I don’t mean just looking at it.

So, I’m back in Tinder land, though it’s really just as a bit of fun as opposed to using it for actual dating. My housemate and I invented Tinder Bingo. The rules are, there aren’t any rules. You widen your search ratio and hit 1 in 3 people. The first to 99 matches wins. Beyond fun – you should try it! As a resut, I’m chatting to someone I’ll call Banter Boy, because we’ve been engaged in tennis style banter since we started chatting. Actually hilarious. Oh, and Tattoo Man. Not sure I fancy him though. Turns out, I’m following his exceptionally hot model brother on Twitter. Hehehe.

What else? Ah, yes. Mini Man, who actually isn’t mini at all. I was just so drunk when we met that I somehow thought he was short. Turns out he’s a bit taller than me. I met him with a friend I’ll call Miss Wayward, since she seems to degenerate me a bit. So much so we ended up going back to Mini Man’s friend’s house at 4am, wasted, with 4 of his mates. Highly reckless but ultimately much fun. I met up with them all at the weekend and they’re all super lovely. Mini Man is also cool and funny, and taking me on a date on Saturday.

That’s it for now. Breezing update, but shall actually update properly from now on! Naughty Freechick!


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