Leaving on a jet plane

Eeek! So, tomorrow morning, I fly out to the south of France where I’ll be until the end of September. Shitting it isn’t the word! I’m super excited, but nervous. It’s the first time I’ll have been away by myself and although I’ll be volunteering and things for the most part, next week will be a proper beach holiday on my lonesome. I will still have internet access though, so I’m hoping to be able to keep in touch with my cyber world!

So, what else. Things are finito with The Greek. I put an end to it when I found out he was approaching another girl from our Facebook uni group. It’s not so much that he was doing that, it was more that he was doing it at the very same time he was asking me for help with his assignment and I was giving it to him when I should have been doing my own. It’s all very complicated and full of ‘he doesn’t know that I know our mutual friend knows about us’ type things, but I didn’t tell him I’d found out about him and this other woman. Instead, I just told him it wasn’t working for me because I know what I’m like and I’ll just end up getting hurt. His reply?

“Hahaha, yeah ok 🙂 “

Hmmmm. Arse. So that’s the end of him. He seems to have fallen out of favour in our group in general it would appear. The past two weekends have been outstanding – out Friday and Saturday nights, lots of flirting, including with a 23 year old who turned out to have some kind of terminal liver disease. That put the stop on any flirtatious behaviour. And last night, I made friends with a nice Spaniard (friend of a new friend). Extraodinarily hot and in Barcelona the same time I might be there next week. 

So much for a rest from the men-folk!



6 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane

  1. Things with The Greek feels like way too overcomplicated.

    Enjoy the France! 🙂

    P.S: Just realized, because of the banner on your blog I cannot open it anymore at workplace lol

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