And another…

So, yesterday evening after work, I stood outside my flats having a smoke. There’s a guy who lives across from me and I see him every now and again, but we’d never really spoken until this week. In fact, it was on the same day as my last post, but with all the activity I forgot to mention him.

He was locked out (as he was last time we spoke) and was waiting for his brother to come with a spare set of keys. We got chatting again and he asked me out for a drink this Saturday. I had to politely decline, since I’ve got a busy weekend as it is, but told him that he should ask me along to his rooftop barbecue next time. He’s cute enough, though disappointingly short (i.e. same height as me). I don’t know why but it seems like being a tall bloke is a rarity these days.

He’s also Albanian. And while I don’t mind that, I had ten years with an Albanian and boy, they have some things you need to be able to deal with. But, as I say, he’s cute. He’s got lovely hair – brown and thick and slightly long. Nice brown eyes and a cute goatee. If only he had a few more pounds and inches in height.



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