And then there were three

It’s been a busy day. Not work wise thankfully, but man wise. So.

The Brazilian messaged me, apologising for not coming out on Friday. He said he was gutted not to have been able to make it but wanted to know when the next one was. I told him I didn’t have anything planned yet but I’d let him know and asked how he was. Not good, he said. He keeps getting lost as he didn’t have a ‘nice navigation’ of London yet. Would I like to be his tour guide, winky face? Obviously I said yes and reeled off a list of things to do in and around London. I should point out I was being a bit cocky here because I’ve not actually been to any of the places I pointed out. When you’ve lived in a city so long you tend to skip the touristy stuff. I’d mentioned a trip along the Thames into Richmond or Kew. Didn’t expect him to actually ask if I was free on Sunday for a day out. Oh balls. Of course I said yes. So now I have to actually look into it properly. On the plus side, I’ll spend the day with a hot bloke (still thinking about those rippling abs) in nice surroundings.

Then, as I signed off that conversation, The Greek messaged me. We’d both been struggling with our uni assignment so we chatted a bit about that. Then he asked me out for a drink on Friday night. So I said yes to that too because fuck it, why not?

Ten minutes later, I got a message from Mr Music. Remember him? He’s going to be in London in a couple weeks and asked if I was free for drinks. And we all know what happens when we meet and mix alcohol. Said yes to that too.

As I say, busy day. The guy from Friday night has been messaging too. I didn’t really expect him to but he seems a nice bloke. So that’s been nice.

Honestly, men are like bloody buses.


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