Sexy Wheels

So, I’m feeling much better today. And I’ve just spent the evening researching for my next literary masterpiece. Won’t say much about it except it’s given me lots of time to YouTube fit men using pavement based modes of transportation.

Those who knew me when I was younger (and now too, I guess) knows that I’m a sucker for the skate and bmx type. Yum. Tattoos, scruffy hair and general manliness. Except the ones in skinny jeans. I’m not a believer in the men in skinnies thing. This is more my thing…and he has a peachy arse too.


That whole persona and style was the first thing I noticed about The Frenchman, even if he turned out to be more snow inclined. Something about the style, the dedication to repeating the same old tricks to get them down to perfection and constantly striving towards the new ones…I like that. When I was a teen, I hung around with the skateboard crowd. I was in heaven. I’m recapturing a bit of that.

And so I think a trip to Southbank is in order very soon. It’s one of my favourite places in London anyway and I always pause to watch the BMXers and skaters under the national theatre (no idea if that’s actually what it’s called – who cares anyway, what’s going on underneath is far more entertaining). And, since my novel has an international element, perhaps I can squeeze in a research trip too.



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