Revealing Identities

So it seems that in the little circle of bloggers I follow, some of us have revealed our identities offline. I’m feeling most left out (*cough NSG cough*). I’ve spoken to a few offline and I’ve seen the should’ve-been-object-of-OG’s-affection Costwold Girl. There’s even one blogger who somehow ended up following my real twitter account (not the one I blog from). I don’t know how that happened, but still. It was quite the little rush knowing my identity could have slipped for a while. As for me, I’m pretty nosey actually. I find myself thinking, who are these people, whose lives I know so much about?

Blogging is an intimate thing. Sometimes I wish I didn’t share the link with my friends, because that anonymity is nice. And there again, sometimes, I wish I could say “I am blah-de-blah”. Especially when something good happens. I wonder what perception my blog gives out. I wonder what you, my followers, think I’m really like, in the real world of work and sunshine and rain and unicorns and stuff. Speaking of unicorns (slightly off topic), I watched Cabin In The Woods at the weekend. Really good film and I loved the bit where some guy got impaled by a unicorn near the end. Sorry if you’ve not seen it, but frankly, it came out bloody ages ago. You should get on with it. Anyway, I digress. What was a I saying. Oh yes. What do I come across as? Tall? Short? Fat? Thin? Trendy? Geeky?


image from vertigography –

Am I an exhibitionist? I don’t think so. I mean, there are days I like to make an effort and swing my hips when I walk and feel like a sex goddess. But I don’t flaunt it about or anything. I don’t ‘exhibit’ myself in terms of wearing skimpy clothes or engaging in overtly public sexual acts (far too shy, yes, really). But there are times when I think about revealing some part of my identity and for some reason, the masquerade party scene in Revenge (love that show) planted the seed in my brain even further. Maybe because it feels a bit daring. Though that makes me sound a bit sad, actually. Ho hum.

Maybe one day.


11 thoughts on “Revealing Identities

  1. It’s kind of weird isn’t it. You start a little blog as a diary, a brain-dump, self-therapy -whatever. Then people start to read it. Then people who are maybe going through similar stuff start to comment, and the ones you empathise with you comment back. And so this rapport builds. It’s like you know someone, because you’re privileged to be able to see inside their mind, those deepest thoughts that it’s safe to write but you wouldn’t discuss with most of your friends half the time in case they think you’re a nutjob! But you’ve never actually met them… it is a very modern quandary.

    So I reckon in real life we’re probably all far more normal than we maybe seem on here (I reckon I am anyway. I find this little community of bloggers endlessly fascinating. I’d love to have a WordPress UK social gathering so that the little gang of us that read each other’s blogs and comment and support and laugh and cry with each other could meet in person. It would be fascinating. But then there is the matter of people would prefer to remain anonymous or not, and whether an invitation would be intrusive. I have been so careful about only contacting a couple of people offline (including you! Who is very cool I must add) because of a fear of disturbing people’s privacy. It’s a tricky line!

    Really made me think, that post! x

    • Thanks!

      It is strange, you’re right. I think because you can give a certain persona on the net, most people are probably not at al what we might imagine them to be like. I like to think I’m the same in real life as on my blog.

      I’d be too scared to just send an email out of the blue or something. Some people are super private like that and knowing my luck, I’d get an earbashing, even if I thought I could do that based on a rapport built up over blogging.

      Really is bizarre

  2. I actually tried to contact NSG after figuring out who he was a long time ago, but it somehow slipped through the cracks and then HE found ME. But so far, he’s the only one who knows who I am, or at least has taken the time to contact me. I don’t care in the slightest if my blog readers know who I am, but I’d rather not have somebody google something about vaginas and then up pops my face!

    • You figured out who he was? I thought I was good with the MI5 stuff. Lol. That would be hilarious though if someone found you by using that search term. You made me laugh out loud at that!

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