Oh my goody gumdrops. I’ve really let this blog slide. Naughty Freechick *gives myself a slap round the face*

It’s been a busy time actually. I’ve started my degree (yay) but it’s meant lots of reading and studying (boo). And I’ve been laid up with a throat infection from hell. It’s now over a week and I’m still not 100% despite an unhealthy amount of penicillin, paracetamol and ibuprofen. I’ve only just started eating proper food again and anyone who knows me knows that me not eating is positively abnormal. Add to that my website and I’m pretty strapped for time. I’ve got a to-do list as long as my legs (they’re pretty long to be fair). Oh. And a little, unimportant thing I like to call ‘work’.

So, the man front update. I’m still in comms with The Frenchman – in a friendly way of course. The guy I had a date with a few weeks ago…massively long story but it fizzled. Soldier Boy is still on my case. He actually had the nerve to tell me to stop playing hard to get today. I told him that since I’ve told him there’s no chance of us ever getting back in the sack, it’s hardly a case of playing hard to get. Nutcase. Get over it. It’s funny how I can be so lax about responding to him, because if it were the other way around I’d be spitting daggers.  I’m meeting up with an old work colleague for drinks next week. I actually hated him at first but we’ve forged a strange friendship. We last spoke a year ago and he only just replied last week. Talk about long. At the time I hadn’t told him I’d split from The Ex (or, ex ex now I guess) so he asked if I was married yet. When I told him I was single and we should meet for a catch up, his reply was ‘Tomorrow. Drinks. Dress to impress.’ I was in bed sick at the time but I lied and said I was busy. What does he think this is? Jump and say how high? He’s being all man of mystery – I’ve no idea where we’re going or anything but it’ll be nice to be taken out. I ain’t complaining.

In other news, the weather is finally looking up. So I expect lots of socialising and new stories to share!


11 thoughts on “Misbehaving

  1. Gosh what it is with these men and their ridiculous game playing? A year gap and then ‘dress to impress’? Really? But nice to be taken out, and nice to have an excuse to dress up and not play his games. Better than being bored eh 🙂 x

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