My exciting news!

So in my last post, I hinted at exciting news.  Bogs, one of my readers reckons I’m pregnant or engaged. I can confirm that for five days, I tried not to fret waiting for my period to arrive. Me, who’s normally bang on to the day was late by five days. Not anymore. So no, I’m neither engaged nor pregnant. No ring on it. My exciting news is…I’ve applied for a career break this summer to go do something in France.

I’m not sure what doing but I’ll hopefully be doing some kind of volunteering and I’m not sure where I’ll be going either. It depends on what’s available, so I could be in Marseille or I could be in Paris. Or Normandy or Burgundy. Either way, its hugely exciting for me.

Of course I spoke to The Frenchman about it and we both agreed it’s something I should do. After all, my desire to live and work in France pre dates him by about five years. And now I’m relatively conversational, I really want to step the language building up a gear.

So no, no immensely life changing news but life altering (I hope) all the same!


9 thoughts on “My exciting news!

  1. Oooh how fabulous! Je vous souhaite des bonnes chances… ou quelquechoses com ca… I hope you’re going to carry on blogging from France… LaLibreFille ! Ha ha! Fabulous cherie. I think that’s brilliant. x

    • Ah merci! Tu es trop gentille 🙂 And, erm, HELL YES I will. La Libre Fille…lol I like that! I’m not going til August but I’m already busy looking for volunteering opportunities etc etc 🙂

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