Spread Eagled

This morning I found myself spread eagled on a bed in my doctors surgery. It was time for my routine smear test. They’re not mandatory but you’d have to be pretty dumb not to have one. Look at what happened to Jade Goody. My mum had pre-cancerous cells too, so every three years, I get half naked with a nurse. Albeit begrudgingly.

Men are so lucky. Women are poked and prodded with smear tests and vaginal checks while they’re pregnant. Dropping our pants is something we have to get used to pretty quick and its not the most comfortable feeling.

I am a bit worried though. The nurse was concerned about something and so I have to wait until Thursday for the results of my swab. I’m always one for thinking the worst but I’m trying not to panic. My last STD check was in August. Pre Mr Grey. We were both in the clear and so we went without protection after bit. And now I’m thinking, oh god. What if? The last thing I want is to have to tell The Frenchman that I might have given him something, especially because we’ve been 100% careful 100% of the time. I’m off to the GUM clinic tonight for a full screen. I was meant to go in November, just in case Mr Grey had lied but I kept putting it off.

I’m sure its nothing but then everyone thinks that don’t they? Its going to be an anxious wait.


4 thoughts on “Spread Eagled

  1. Hope it’s nothing! This reminds me that I need to go and get a full workup done myself, even though Ginger and I always used a condom.

  2. Oooh I hate the whole smear / GUM scenario. We ladies sure have some indignity to content with. Hope you just have a little spot or something, been there! It’s always at the back of your mind until you get the results. Hope the GUM clinic isn’t too yucky.

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