Oh, what have I become?

Happy new year everyone. I’m writing this from the comfort of my bedroom. And no, I’m not dolled up for a night out. I’m seeing the new year in on my tod. What the actual fuck?

Being honest though, I actually don’t mind. Last year I went out and had a blast. I started the year as I meant to go on and I literally took that to heart, as you all know. This year, I’m the only one left in the house.  Just me and a bottle of wine. And Jake Gyllenhaal on the tv. Could be worse.

Like I said I don’t do resolutions, but (aside from the alone bit) I’m once again setting the pace for 2013. Of course there will still be nights out but my main objective is to save money. Because I have big plans. And I need money to finance them. I’ll share those plans with you in a little while. The fact is that unless I rock up at a house party, I’d spend in excess of a hundred quid tonight easy. Which I just can’t afford. Plus, I’m on New Years Day dinner duty and thats no fun when you’re hanging and tired.

So here’s to 2013. I hope it only improves on everything 2012 has brought me, and brings happiness to you all xxx


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