Search Terms

If there’s one thing I like about being able to see reader stats, its the search terms. Some of them are truly strange. But one keeps cropping up: guys sniffing a girls hair. Who knew?

I wrote a post about this back in the summer when Miss Sunshine experienced it and since then, I’ve seen search terms centred around hair sniffing every few days. Is it really that common?


And despite only writing about this recently, search terms about the Metro Rush Hour Crush now account for the second most popular searches leading to my blog

I do like to wonder what people are thinking about when they google something and end up here. Like the person who searched for ‘Brazilian bitch in Edgware Road’ or ‘my boyfriend is an absolute prick’. Though that one is quite obvious I suppose.

Its certainly made me think about the terms I enter into my search bar!


12 thoughts on “Search Terms

  1. I’ve been looking at my search terms lately too! Hah, how about that. I always get a lot of results for “ didn’t work” and searches related to surprising somebody at the airport. A few for Devil’s Threesome lately, as well as someone looking for the MMSL blog.

  2. I’ve seen some strange terms too for my site.

    Hair sniffing is rare.

    The thing is Freechick is that your site happens to be caught up in the PUA community crossfire in a sense. What I mean is, since I often comment on your blog, including other PUA coaches like Tripp, whenever, let’s say, a Pick-Up Artist or someone searches a term which is pickup related, your site would show up for the simple fact that you’re associated with PUA’s (or PUA sites).

    Now to the odd/good stuff: hair sniffing is a PUA concept. It is part of our “game” and ar of seduction.

    If you google hair sniffing routine or something like that, you’re bound to run across massiv amounts of PUA blogs and websites about the concept of hair sniffing in relation to seducing women.

    So the search term might be strange to you, but we PIck-Up Artists search with such terms frequently.

  3. I just shifted out of blogspot where I can see the search terms leading to my site. Now, I can only see the nationalities of my visitors on my new blogpress site (which is powered by wordpress too) . Any idea how should I install the tool on my site that can see the search terms that lead to my site? My site is not able to install plug-in,so I can install by embedding Javascript or using HTML.

    • Ooh I have no idea! I haven’t bought my domain, I don’t understand all that techy stuff lol. I moved from blogspot too and at the time WordPress didn’t have the nationality counter! I cant help 😦 the faq section is really helpful though

  4. Regretfully mine is always ‘beautiful vagina’. I guess this is because I have a post with this in the title after an American gave me that particularly amusing compliment (to my utter bemusement). Today’s top search is the edifying “beautyfull tits and vagina”. Dear me they’ll be disappointed when then arrive at my blog. No pictures of either…

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