The problem with people today…

Ok. Extreme rant coming. So I was on the bus on my way home today and an old man gets on. He clearly has trouble walking, let alone standing and yet nobody gives up their seat. He’s looking around for somewhere to sit. I was sitting at the back where there were a couple of seats spare but at the front, nobody has the impetus to offer their seat. Because I was brought up right, I get up and head towards the front to tell him he can have my seat.

At the same time, someone else gets up to get off the bus towards the front. Fabulous, the old man has somewhere to sit, right? Wrong. A woman sitting with a kid in her lap and another kid on the seat next to her gestures to her third child (around 7 or 8) to take the newly available seat. So I step in and say that maybe the old man should sit there instead. After all, her child is perfectly capable of remaining standing, more so than the old man. An argument ensues.

In the end I told her to do one and pretty much ordered the old man to sit down. Meanwhile, I’m getting a torrent of abuse from this woman. She resorts to personal insults (obviously highly intelligent) but I get the last word, telling her she should be ashamed and should be more concerned about setting a good example to her kids. That shut her trap.

It makes me so angry. What the actual fuck is wrong with people these days? How can you have no respect for your elders? And in giving her a piece of my mind I hope everyone else who stayed seated felt ashamed. I am NOT a racist person, not by any means, but the area I live in is heavily populated by people from a cluster of African countries. And it’s probably the only area in London I’ve seen where people actively push you out of the way to get on an empty bus and other such unsociable things, shout, spit and snort snot from their noses onto the pavement, or floor of a bus/tube. It might be normal where she comes from to behave like that but for me, it’s not.

How’s about learning some respect for other people and your surroundings. This is what’s wrong with society today, people just don’t give a crap about anyone else. I hope when she’s old and decrepit that she’s the one standing on a full bus with a driver who thinks he’s in the formula one.



12 thoughts on “The problem with people today…

  1. I was actually raised with same cultural values of giving sit to elders.

    But nowadays I almost never do it.

    My reasons are just because person is old doesn’t means he was a good person or did anything good. Some of those old people will shove you back or take your place in line just because they old and think they deserve special treatment, without showing any human decency.

    • Ok, but now do you know that person is one of those bad ones? How do you judge that? And, do you have the right to judge? I could’ve ignored the old, white guy cos back in the day, he could have been one of those dicks who made my grandad’s generation difficult for stepping off the boat, getting a job and taking one of their women. But I didn’t because there’s no way of knowing anything about the person than what you see.

      I totally would’ve shouted at you!

    • And you would be wasting your time lol

      It’s easy, people wear their personalities out and display all the time. For example if I see elder just quietly stands there I am more than likely to give him place, if I see an elder who looks around with the look like he deserves something because of his age, than he is out of luck.

      It’s also says a lot about who the person are.

      I am not saying of course that it is the right way to do things, just saying it is my way of doing it.

  2. I don’t typically suggest violence, but this person sounds like they’d have deserved being on the wrong end of some light smacking around.

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