Popping Cherries

There’s been a few storylines in programmes about losing one’s virginity recently – Hollyoaks and Girls, to name two. In Hollyoaks, one of the characters got infatuated with her older sister’s, creepy boyfriend and in Girls, one of the characters was revealed to be a twenty-something virgin. Since its some time since I popped my cherry, it’s not something I thought about often, until I watched The 40 Year Old Virgin last night.

I lost mine to my new boyfriend at the time. I bunked off school for a bit after lunch and went to his (he lived really close to the school). I was around 15 and he was nearly 17 in sixth form. We’d known of each other for a while as he was friends with my then best friend’s older brother but it wasn’t until we both went on a school trip to London that we started talking. After that we started going out and shortly after we did the deed. As is normal (I think) for most girls, it wasn’t anything to shout about. It was painful and I remember thinking ‘is this what all the fuss is about?’ I was distinctly unimpressed. After, I went back to school, to my English class and that was that. Until I heard that he was still seeing his ex at the same time. Oh well. Bell-end. I’ve seen pictures of him since on Facebook and boy, what was I thinking? I wouldn’t even look twice at him now.

I think I was of average age, for the UK anyway. In my school, most guys had already got their end away, or at least they said they had. I didn’t expect to meet anyone older than, say, 18, who hadn’t done the deed. Then I met my ex. I was 17, he was 21, and he’d apparently waited by choice. The Frenchman told me he waited until he was 20. It got me thinking.

Why does it seem strange to meet a guy who waits until their in their 20’s to have sex? Ok, 40 is a little extreme. There seems to be some kind of badge of honour when it comes to guys ‘taking’ a girl’s virginity but the other way around…not so much. I’ve some friends who’ve said that would be a major turn off. Of course there’s the risk of clingy attachment, not to mention a crap shag, but still. Why is it weird to be with someone who goes against peer pressure to wait until they meet someone they deem special? It certainly didn’t feel weird taking my ex’s virginity away. I didn’t even know until about a month after we first slept together anyway.

Would I do it again? I dunno. I tend to go for guys in their 30’s now and I admit, I’d be thinking more along the lines of ‘what’s wrong with him’ than ‘aww, how sweet’ but I wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand.

Could be like a Mrs Robinson thing…


13 thoughts on “Popping Cherries

  1. I must admit it would be quite a major turn-off for me. Younger guys aren’t my cup of tea anyway, and I would think that a man my age who was a virgin had something significant wrong with him. Shallow perhaps, but I do like a guy who properly knows what he’s doing, and has the confidence to do it well.

  2. I lost my virginity when I was 16, to Nutjob. I don’t really much remember losing my virginity. I know it wasn’t anything to write home about. She wasn’t a virgin. I also remember my ex’s first time. It was pretty painful for her too.

    Gotta get past the first few times, then you can start to learn what’s actually good in bed.

      • The first time yeah, it’s definitely more enjoyable for a guy, haha. I think everybody should practice as often as they like, really… 😉

    • Hahaha! No, I don’t believe in regaining your virginity…at best it’s clearing cobwebs away 😮 but I did see a documentary once about a woman who had plastic surgery to rebuild her hymen to be a virgin again. I found it all very odd…

  3. I waited by choice until I was 21. Not that the age was anything special, but it wasn’t until then that I wanted to make that kind of physical commitement. Not to say I was inexperienced. I did everything but Penetration. In those years I became very good at defending my choice with, shall we say Oral Arguments. A skill I practice today. I don’t regret the choice. My parents were swingers. I knew of their multiple partners, and key parties so much the rage in the late 70s. I felt that the act needed to be more personal and intimate then what I had seen through their experiences. The woman I was with did not believe me when I told her it was my first time. It was the first time she had been with a man that considered foreplay something to be enjoyed and extended. This was the first time she had been with someone where the encounted lasted more than 40 minutes. I believe we were at it about 2 hours.

    • Wow, I can totally understand why you chose to wait, I think I would too. Did you get any flak from anyone about it? Men or women? If I’m honest, I wish I’d waited longer than I did

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