Rush Hour Crush

In London and some other cities in the UK, we have a free newspaper – The Metro. Every day, there’s a little feature called ‘Rush Hour Crush’ where people write in a short message to someone they’ve seen who’s piqued their fancy, usually on some mode of transport. In today’s, someone wrote in about someone who works for my company and it made me think. Sure, it would be flattering to have an admirer out there, but I wonder what’s meant to happen next.

Imagine there’s someone who gets the same train as you every day. Maybe you both always sit in the same carriage and maybe you even flash that ‘hi, we see each other every day so let’s be polite’ smile. No harm in doing that. But imagine that person is slowly developing a crush on you. It’s sweet, but then imagine opening the paper and reading a message that’s obviously meant for you. What then? Most of the time, the person its meant for will have been described – the clothes they were wearing, their hair etc, and usually there’s a hint as to who its from. Are you meant to seek that person out, catch their eye across the crowded carriage and then start chatting? I’m not sure.

I think, if it were me, I’d be a bit weirded out. Flattered, but weirded out all the same. I get that people can get shy, but it reminds me of the notes we used to pass to the boy we fancied in primary school. The ‘do you want to be my boyfriend, yes, no or maybe’ kind.

I wonder if anyone who’s ever contributed to it has had a good response and ended up in a relationship with their ‘Rush Hour Crush’?


8 thoughts on “Rush Hour Crush

  1. Haha, you reminded me something…

    Every day when I go to office I cross my ways with this really hot chick, it’s been going like that for probably about a year. We look on each other, we smile and keep walking.

    For some unknown reason I never attempted to stop and say something.

    For this whole time we never exchanged a single word.

    Maybe I should open local Metro newspaper lol

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