Love in all its forms…

French is apparently a ‘romance’ language. Which doesn’t actually mean much to do with romance in that context but it’s fitting for this post.

I got an email from The Frenchman earlier this evening, in which he signed off “bisous de ton petit Francais qui t’adore’ which means, ‘kisses from your little Frenchman who loves you.”

The ‘little’ made me laugh because he’s definitely not that and when I read the sentence, I did a happy dance. But then…

I’m sure 99% of people have heard of the phrase “Je t’aime” at least because of some song that was practically pornographic back in the day. Usually, in films and the like, “Je t’aime” is the way to say ‘I love you.’ As in, ‘I’m in love with you.’ So what the hell does “je t’adore” mean? The results I’ve found are pretty inconclusive. Even amongst French natives. Some think “je t’aime” is stronger than “je t’adore” regardless of the fact that ‘aimer’ means to like and ‘adore’ means to love.

I can tell you one thing. After 5 months of learning French, the biggest thing I’ve learned is that even they don’t really understand their language! Things are just the way they are – having one word with a gazillion different meanings is just one example. Regardless, I’m going to revel in this. It looks like things are moving in the right direction, regardless of what the EXACT translation is.

The end result is that I’m smiling. Which is definitely a good thing 😀


10 thoughts on “Love in all its forms…

  1. I can hear wedding bells 🙂

    Pretty incredible how you guys all over each other and manage to maintain long distance. Having concrete timeline when and what you do and how you progress is a key, you both going in right direction imho

    • It is going well but I’m trying not to get tooooo excited. We’ve not spent more than a week-end together yet! The réal test will be when I go for a few weeks next year….

  2. And I do understand that the blog is about your dating life but all the same… Love in all it’s forms is all I write about on my blog and love to read about above all else. I might not be regular but I will be following you:)

    • Ah thanks! I’ve wanted to learn it for years and have tried on many occasions! It seems to be sticking now, even if it can be frustrating. I’ve not heard much Urdu, sounds very exotic 🙂 I will check out your blog! x

  3. I have a great fascination for two languages- French and Urdu. Both of them for one simple reason, they are the most romantic and lyrical ones to me. And since I’m only halfway through Urdu and haven’t even begun learning French yet, your post has given me a way to learn a bit, even if it’s an I love you or I adore you… So, I’m hooked and will be hanging on to every word you write, French or not *wink*

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