And, I’ve snapped

I put a vague status update on Baitbook about delusion not being cool and since I’d forgotten to change the audience setting, guess who liked it? Yep, Mr Clingy. I then got an IM from him (making the term ‘instant messaging’ very appropriate) asking if I was OK and was I having trouble with my ex. To which I replied ‘No.’ That then got a ‘sorry, it’s none of my business’ reply from him and all he got was radio silence. What did he expect me to do? Give him the same run down I gave to you lovely people? Erm, no. I don’t know why he thinks we’re BFF’s or whatever, but it’s very annoying. I’ve now changed my audience settings and set my chat status to always show as being offline to him.

So bloody annoying.


2 thoughts on “And, I’ve snapped

  1. You know it is not about you, it just nobody wants him so he clings to only girl who gives him at least some attention.

    I would keep huuuge distance from him, but not hold it against him.

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