Cancelling Dates

Now this is interesting. Following a comment on my last post, my transatlantic fellow blogger, SocialKenny, is firmly of the opinion that dates are mostly cancelled by women. Surely this can’t be true?

Here in the UK at least, it’s almost a cliche that the guy will be the one to cancel or just not show for 99% of the time. How many times should you be willing to accept a cancellation before giving up? I said two (in close succession). Which makes no sense since I’ve cancelled on Mr Grey twice in the space of three days. But still.

Surely this isn’t the norm??


39 thoughts on “Cancelling Dates

  1. I never said ratio of women to man in Russia got any better (well maybe a little bit), if anything you might see even more competition, and Russian women can really be bitchy lol

  2. Lol I’m telling you Bogs. We need to pack our luggages and move East.

    Dude, I’ve been flaked on like 100 times for 2012 thus far. No exaggeration. How many times had I flaked on those chis for 2012? Not 1 single time lol.

    Let’s move to Britain bro’.

      • Lmao! But seriously, that’s why men have a rep of being bastards (I’m sure) because over here it’s on their terms for the most part!

        Maybe I should move to Russia. Dont mind a beard 😉

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