Royal Flush

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you’ll have heard of the antics our Prince Harry has been up to in Vegas. It’s caused a big stink as he’s third in line to the throne but, let’s be honest, these days being third in line means diddly squat. His dad’s been first in line for donkeys years and I can’t see him becoming king any time soon.

Plus, a major issue – Prince Harry is hot. Who cares if he’s been cavorting naked in a hotel, he’s 27 years old and doing what most guys his age do. I’m not a royalist, but I do think it’s unrealistic to expect him to live like a monk. It would be doing the world a major dis-service! So here are some pictures that certainly made me smile when I saw them. They’re all from a Facebook page called Prince Harry’s The Man. Which he is.






11 thoughts on “Royal Flush

  1. Harry has been a normal 27yr old army officer, letting off a little steam. And he’s a Royal who trusted people he shouldn’t have.
    If I were in his close protection squad I’d be having a quiet word with whoever took the photos.
    As for The Sun’s moral high ground and public interest, that’s utter bollocks. It’s about selling newspapers and Murdoch sticking 2 fingers up to the establishment that have just kicked his arse.
    As my Wife observed: there’s hard core porn available on the Internet – that doesn’t mean it needs to be printed on the front page of the papers.
    (AM steps down from soap box.)
    And yes, I think he probably is quite hot … for a bloke.

    • Love it! Please stay on the speakers box!! I agree that his close protection squad need to be doin something but then again, what were they meant to do? Take people’s mobile phones away from them so they couldn’t film anything? We just live in an age now where someone, somewhere will be filming! I’m behind The Sun on this actually. It’s blatantly about selling papers and a bit of revenge but I do think they had every right to print them. I really don’t see what all the fuss is about, he’s covering his package – hardly pornographic. The picture I posted with his khakis practically round his ankles did more for me than The Sun’s ones lol

      • I agree the Sun probably have the right but there really is no need. It’s not in the public interest, any more than a friend taking a photo of you naked and then it being published in the papers.
        You’re absolutely right about the modern era though. And there’s probably nothing his CP guys could have done without over stepping the mark.
        Harry should perhaps have just chosen a more private venue and better friends.

      • No, but then nobody is interested in me are they? Lol. Personally I think it’s better that he does as much normal stuff as possible. He’s young, he’s single. I think the only way not to get into that kind of trouble is to stay away from alcohol lol

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