Always Expect The Unexpected

It’s always the way that when you’re least looking forward to something, you have the most fun. Miss Sunshine set me up with her current beau’s (if that’s the right word) best friend. I’ll call him Mr Grey. We’d swapped text messages for around a week and then he asked me out for a drink. When the day rolled round, I’d been at work since 7am and didn’t really feel any excitement at the prospect of going on a date, despite our messages being full of banter. We’d arranged to meet on the Southbank, and he’d inadvertently mentioned what he was wearing when we’d delayed meeting by an hour due to the torrential British Summertime rain. I got to the meeting place and saw someone walk past a few metres away from me. Now, I should say at this stage that we already knew what
each other looked like since we’d seen pictures, my first thought was, ‘oh no.’

I don’t know what it was that made me think it, but I did. But when I went up to say hello, I thought the opposite. He was cute, and turned out to be a great laugh. Nice and tall, salt and pepper hair, very cheeky smile and a very filthy mouth. We ended up walking along the Thames for a while before stopping off for a drink and a bite to eat. He had me in stitches the entire night. He’s a massive romcom fan which could scream ‘I’m a closet gay’ but didn’t. We had a lot in common and the conversation bounced from one topic to another. In fact, I had such a good time that I forgot to message my girlfriends with an update and it wasn’t until I went for a toilet break a few hours later that I remembered thanks to their prompting.

When the time came to leave, we headed back up the Thames, stopping to take pictures along the way. Which resulted in him missing his last train. Oops. He lives out of London too, which would have meant a hefty cab fare. So, me being the nice girl I am, offered to drive him home. Thank God for Zipcar. And so it was that at around half midnight, we headed up the motorway to Hertfordshire. When we pulled up outside his house, he asked if I fancied a coffee. Hehe. Cheeky git. But it really was just a coffee, since I had to drive back home. His house was nice and clean, and he did offer me a spare bed if I didn’t fancy the drive back, but since it was a Zipcar, it would have cost way too much. There was no lip action either, just a nice peck on the cheek. (see, told you I’d behave). When I got back to London, I had a text message waiting for me – thanking me for dropping him home and he wanted to see me again. He’d nicely listed some suggestions, based on the things we’d spoken about during the date – going on the London Eye, Madame Tussauds – things I hadn’t got round to doing.

And so we’re meeting up tonight, just two days after the first date. And we’ve already got tickets booked for a fancy retro cinema this Sunday. Of course he comes with a package. He’s separated and has two kids, but as I said in a previous post, at my age I’m likely to come across this. He’s 33. Some feedback from Miss Sunshine (through her manfriend) is that he enjoyed the date and is excited and nervous about tonight. Aww. We’ll see how tonight goes.

As for The Frenchman, he sent me some pictures of his weekend with his family yesterday. I actually feel a bit guilty about going on dates with Mr Grey. But, like I said in my Playing The Game post, I need to get out of this mentality. Besides the fact
that he lives in the south of France, we’re not in a relationship. I’m going to just see what happens when I go there for the weekend in little over two weeks.

Exciting times!


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