Why I’ll Be Supporting a Truly Multicultural Olympics

Ha. If you thought I was really going to write about something so serious as the title suggests, you’d be wrong. You should know by now that this is a light hearted (for the most part) blog. No, this blog comes courtesy of Miss PortuGirl who has fully been initiated into the Freechick world on account of the complete man-feast she provided earlier today. All I can say, is ladies…enjoy! I’ve posted my favourite pics below, for ease of reference πŸ˜‰

All images come courtesy of the following blog, and there are loads more hot athletes to ogle at:Β http://wheelr.tumblr.com/post/27937753079/hotlympics-the-hunks-of-london-2012

p.s. – please can someone tell me how to do short, neat links???

Oscar Pistorius – South African sprinter, 25. Apart from being the first Paralympian to compete in the Olympics, he is seriously hot. And he has quite a (ahem) package.

Anthony Ogogo – Team GB Boxer, 23. Scrumolicious and flying the Union Jack.

Tervel Pulev – Bulgarian Boxer, 29. Two words: Yes. Please.

Clement Russo – Italian Boxer, 35. Just divine. Looks like he’s drag you to the side and do all manner of wicked things.

Phillippe Beaudry – Canadian Fencer, 25. Il est tres beau!

Marcelo Chierighini – Brazilian Swimmer, 21. O-M-Actual-G. He looks like the guy from the Dolce & Gabbana ad. Scrumptious.

Luke Rowe – New Zealand Footballer, 20. He’s below my age limit, but I so would.

Hugo Parisi – Brazilian Diver, 27. We know Brazil produces gorgeous women but…hello??

Helge Meeuw – German Swimmer, 27. Pure perfection.


10 thoughts on “Why I’ll Be Supporting a Truly Multicultural Olympics

  1. Oh my, look at all those mens up there! they are so many mens!

    But they all have perfect bodies, and blah blah blah no Jason Alexanders, perfectionist, sending a message, blah blah….

    You’re awesome.

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