Hair Sniffing Action and Other Signs of Interest

Ah, Miss Sunshine cracks me up. She’s currently dating a guy who seems to be nice and sweet, but his behaviour seems like its freaking her out a bit. She told Miss Comeback and I about her evening with him and cringed when she said ‘I was watching The Inbetweeners and felt something on my head…he was smelling my hair!’

Her first question was, who does this? The answer? It’s not uncommon from what I’ve seen and experienced for the person who’s interested in you to want to take in your smell – the essence of your being. But for Miss Sunshine, this is all fairly new. Add to that the fact that she’s already woken up to find him staring at her in her sleep, and I’d say the guy seriously into her.

I think guys are actually a lot soppier than us girls. When they fall for someone they usually fall hard and hair sniffing/eye gazing/hand stroking is just par for the course.

She’s trying to keep him at bay for a while and steady the pace and all I can say is good luck!


12 thoughts on “Hair Sniffing Action and Other Signs of Interest

  1. BTW,I’d commented on your posts “Playing Game” and Badboys vs nice guys”.But those comments went to spam.Go to your dashboard and click on comments and approve my comments which is in the spam folder.

    I tweeted you last night about it but you never replied.

    • Ooh really?? I’ll have to check when I’m
      On the laptop later. Re the twitter, I’m so sorry! Ive got the app on my phone and haven’t seen anything, though I primarily use my personal account. I’ll check 🙂

  2. On the original topic of hair sniffing- it’s funny you mention it.

    Generally,I haven’t notice men doing this(at least not the guys I know).

    But irony is,in the seduction/pick-up artist community,we teach men that they should sniff the girl’s hair.But reason for that is another story.

    But I never knew the average man does this.

    • Absolutely! In England we look at men as being quite…Neanderthal like sometimes, but every guy I know, when they’ve fallen head over heels they get completely soppy – more than is stereotypical anyway. And I know many different guys from effeminate ones to the macho kind

      • Oh for sure – emotions, and displaying them – I agree. But it’s definitely not unheard of for a man to do the sniffing hair etc 🙂

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