Playing The Game

I love seeing my fellow girlies do well! I was speaking to a colleague this week, Miss PortuGirl, and she’s currently enjoying one of those fleeting opportunities in a girls life when we’re irresistible to the menfolk. This has made me think about the concept of multiple dating.


This is a very American notion, I think, though it’s starting to pick up ground here in the UK. The basic premise is that there’s no harm in seeing two or more guys at once until you decide which, if any, should become serious. Neither I not Miss PortuGirl see anything wrong with this, but during the conversation, we still had to say to each other ‘well guys do it all the time’ and it’s true – they do.

Whether us women are hard wired to be monogamists where guys aren’t isn’t something I’m even going to touch with a bargepole, but it seemed strange to me that in 2012, we still have to reassure ourselves about this. To me it makes perfect sense. Why waste time devoting all your attention to one person (I’m talking very early stages here)? When you look for a job you go on multiple interviews. When you look for a house you don’t just look at one. My point is that it’s not always a good thing to put all your eggs in one basket – especially when you’re dealing with a guy who’s flaky. Time waits for no-one, and like I said in a post way back in the beginning of the year, these spells don’t last very long.

Enjoy it while it lasts!


8 thoughts on “Playing The Game

  1. Really!!?

    So you’re telling me that girls in the UK are more monogamous that American chics!!?

    I can’t say,but I do know that dating multi guys at the same time is prevalent in the states.

    • Haha, hell no. If anything we’re just as bad. What I mean is, it’s more normal for a woman to multi-date in the States. By multi-date I mean the stages where you get to know someone i.e. casual dating. In terms of exclusive relationships that’s different. Generally, I’ve found that the people I know will date one person at a time, from the first date until they break up or go exclusive. It’s now becoming more common for women to go on multiple third dates in one week for example. It’s becoming a lot more cut-throat.

      Does that make sense?

  2. Dating is dating. You don’t have to settle down with one person until you’ve agreed to be exclusive. Why would a woman be obligated to be exclusive with a man she’s not in a committed relationship with?

  3. OMG, what a hypocrite, saying that blah blah blah, whatever, and I’d like to close with “men suck.”

    Anyway, I don’t see why women can’t date multiple guys without being called a slut. If they just do it without being all “Hey, Look At Me!” then it’s fine. Same with dudes. In other words, just do it, but don’t talk about it. Don’t be Tucker Max, or whatever the female Tucker Max is.

    • I haven’t once said men suck! That’s what’s being said on your blog…

      But yes there’s nothin wrong with it, my point was really that although we know this, we still need to tell it ourselves before we do it. If that makes sense.

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