Being A Good Girl

As you can guess from the title, I’ve now decided to be a good girl. Yep, that’s right – and don’t you dare laugh! So far, I’ve averaged a man a month this year, and for the last few months I’ve been getting mine roughly every two weeks. Now though, I’m going celibate.

Until August, anyway. I didn’t mean forever. Get real.

In August, I’m going to see The Frenchman for a dirty weekend and since the sex was pretty amazing, I’m thinking I want to save myself for when I see him again. Besides, my hectic love life has calmed down somewhat now. Mr Double-Barrell (remember him?) is back with his ex (remember her?) and since he was the only person to be diverting my attention, now’s the perfect time for me to take myself off the market so to speak. Now let’s get this straight. It doesn’t mean there’ll be no window shopping going on, that’s just silly. But I’m actually looking forward to getting The Frenchman in the sack when I’ll have been in the desert for a month.

Yum 🙂


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