Meeting the friends and family

Since meeting with Mr Double-Barrel last week, things seem to be going well. He asked me round to his to watch the cheesiness that is Eurovision at the weekend. When the day came, plans changed and as I was possibly meeting with a friend in North London, he asked if I wanted to meet up with him in the same area (which is where he’s originally from) to watch the football and have some drinks. And he mentioned his brother, best friend and other influential people in his life would be there. Nervous wasn’t the word.

Thankfully they were all really nice, engaged me in conversation and generally made me feel welcome. His brother in particular was super friendly and when I told him whereabouts I lived, the response I got was ‘oh yeah, I’ve heard about that a hundred times a day’. I took this, coupled with the fact I clocked the ‘oh, this is Freechick’ looks to be a good sign.

We stayed there for a few hours and headed back to his with a couple of his friends and carried the night on. Yesterday we slept in, had a Will Ferrell-a-thon and he cooked us a roast. He was very sweet and attentive, mentioning again our ‘connection’ and meeting more of my friends as well as things to do for future dates. It was all very nice and chilled and when his friends finally left I was ready to get down and dirty. Since we were all drunk and sunkissed the night before, we’d ended up crashing out in the living room so nothing naughty happened and when I woke up in his bed the next morning (I was that tired I didn’t even remember moving from the sofa to the bed) I fully intended on giving him a nice wake up call. It’d been a while and I needed to get laid but his mate had woken up and obviously confused about waking up in a now empty room, and poked his head around the open door to see where everyone had gone. Close call.

His brother had stayed up in north London overnight with one of their close mates who (I think) he’s recently started seeing romantically so we had the place to ourselves. After about 10 minutes of me getting mine, I realised that there were no blinds up at his windows. And the courtyard is small enough to see into the other flats in the block. We were putting on a show. When I looked outside there were children, CHILDREN, playing right under the open windows (he’s on the first floor) and I wasn’t exactly quiet. I felt like I’d corrupted them so we moved into the bedroom where a, it was cooler and b, there were no innocent minds about the place.

I’d love to say I got laid. It’s been bloody long enough, but no. After he got his, we were a bit sweaty and decided to get a drink. About 2 minutes later his brother and kind of girlfriend came back. In any case, I had a great weekend. I was scared shitless about meeting his friends and brother (who was out with Mr Double-Barrel the night we met but was on a date himself and quite rightly didn’t take much notice of me). After all, friends and family can be hugely influential when it comes to getting a thumbs up or down. I think I did ok….though I’ve now made an executive decision to ask the ‘where is this going’ question. I like him but if he’s only looking for an FWB I need to know so I can damage limitate. My rational mind is saying you wouldn’t introduce an FWB to friends and family, but still. I have a feeling the people he could call on if he felt the need are classed as actual friends and therefore quite close to him. Can’t take anything for granted…


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