You’re on your final warning

Ok I’m not a happy bunny today. I was supposed to be meeting with Mr Double-Barrel after nearly 2 weeks since I saw him last. This morning I got a message cancelling due to work commitments. I’m not in the business of being cancelled on twice and I told him so (with a bit of sugar coating). He apologised and said he’d been really looking forward to seeing me blah, blah, blah. But I thought, fair enough. Life gets in the way and we all need money to survive, so I said fine, but don’t keep me waiting another two weeks, to which he replied he wouldn’t.

One of the things I was going to talk to him about when we met up was this festival abroad. I’d spoken to him last week and said I was up for going. The response I got was positive and that they were trying to book flights and accommodation as quickly as possible. All was well, I thought, so I booked my ticket, not wanting to miss out if they sold out by leaving it too long. Knowing that we wouldn’t now meet until some yet to be determined date, I asked him if he was definitely going. The reply? Yes. He’s booked his flights with his mate and his missus, as well as one of his friends who also happens to be an ex. From what I gather they’re still pretty friendly. I left it a good while before replying with a nonchalant but pissed off ‘right. Ok’

If it were me, I’d have thought, I should let Freechick know because she wants to come. Now I know that men and women think differently but come on. To give him his due, he doesn’t know I’ve booked my ticket yet as I was waiting to see if it was worth my while to go, but even still, booking flights would’ve prompted me to ask if I were still interested in going.

I don’t like to be kept waiting, trifled with or played. There’s only so much sweet talking that’s going to win me over. Of course there’s the possibility that it’s really not how it all sounds etc but I don’t suffer fools gladly. He’s on the end of a plank and he’s in severe danger of being pushed off. If he’s not interested in anything other than a bunk up I’d rather he just tell me so I don’t end up wasting my time.

From here on out I’m not contacting him. It feels like I’m the one making all the effort and at this stage it should very much be a mutual thing, so he can contact me.

He’d better tread carefully.


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