I’m gonna party like it’s my birthday

It’s my birthday today! I’ve been on this blue planet for 28 years and it’s been a fabulous day so far. After never-ending hurricane like conditions, the sun came out to play. I’d had a weekend of loveliness. On Thursday (my date with Mr Double-Barrel was cancelled) I met with Miss Yoyo, who is newly introduced to my blog. We had a nice meal, some wine, and then spent Saturday afternoon hunting for an outfit for my birthday drinks. Saturday night was spent with Miss America who gave me a full body massage and a chance to properly catch up with my dating antics over a bottle of wine. Yesterday I went to see the AMAZING Foster The People and shook hands with the lovely Zach Braff. Mr Music was supposed  to come along but cancelled due to work commitments. All I can say is – he missed out. Today, I’ve been at work and am now chilling out with Gym-Buddy who’s treated me to a chinese meal, beer, another massage is on the cards and we’re settling down to watch the Manchester City/United derby. We’ve got a couple of bets on so hopefully the scoreline will go our way! Not a bad way to spend my birthday hey?

I have drinks to celebrate my born day on Friday and Mr Double-Barrel will be coming along. I’ve got the sexy outfit and a killer pair of heels ready to be purchased. When I think back to my birthday last year, I can’t believe the difference a year makes. For a start I was ill with a stomach bug, but even after that, nothing special was done. No birthday drinks, no celebrations, just run of the mill stuff. This year will be very different. So far it’s great, and I’ll be heading back up north at some point in May to spend a second birthday mash up with MOD. I can’t wait…


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