Getting the treatment

It’s Monday already. Not quite sure how that happened! My weekend with MOD was good – mostly hungover, but good. When I got to his house I was more than surprised to smell a roast cooking in the oven. I’d expected to get a bag of chips or something, not least because I know money isn’t his best friend at the moment. When he went split personality on me, we’d been talking about a shared love of roast dinners and it seemed he remembered that. He told me I had roast beef, roast potatoes, mash and veg, and to top it off, chocolate cheesecake. And a bottle of red wine. Clearly I was getting the treatment!

What I liked was that there was no awkwardness. We fell back into our default mode of taking the piss out of each other for pretty much the whole weekend. After stuffing our faces and leaving the cheesecake til later, we went to our friends gig. There were a few people from school there too and we had a good laugh. Of course we had a deep conversation about life and love and he very nearly shed tears talking about his frustration at not being able to see his son as much as he’d like, but on the whole we had a fun night. He was a perfect gent, buying me drinks and holding my jacket all night – small things make me smile. We went into town for some more drinks before heading back to his and when he stripped off the fun began. Thankfully this time he wasn’t sick – not while we were busy anyway. And I’m meant to be the lightweight!

We progressed to sober sex (which was just as good) and then he took me out for lunch, which is when my hangover started to really kick in. Not fun when you consider I’d been taking the piss out of him all morning. Karma is a bitch. After doing the rounds seeing the family, I went back to his to sleep. He was meant to be going out but as he was still feeling rough decided not to. Instead, his friend came round and we had pretty much a repeat of last time all three of us were together: lots of stupid talk, giggles and drinking. We eventually went to bed at 5am. So much for a quiet night in! It was an early start the next day – me getting my train back to London and him seeing his son, but I had a smile on my face.

After our drunken, deep conversation, it’s clear he wasn’t joking when he said his mind isn’t in the right place for a relationship, but regardless of where this goes, I’m glad we’ve kept in touch and seen each other again. He’s a very smart guy, more than I’d have given him credit for, and a great laugh.

In other news, I should be meeting up with Mr Double-Barrel again this week. Busy, busy, busy!


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