My first ever real date

Last night signalled my first ever real date – shocking at the age of 27 but hey. I met up with Mr Double-Barrel who I met on Friday night. We’d been communicating via text since Friday but I was still nervous as I stood at the meeting point. What if I couldn’t remember what he looked like? (unlikely, since I’d found him on Facebook). Worse, what if he didn’t find me attractive now that he was sober?

Within about 30 seconds of meeting him, my nerves went. He was easy to talk to, easy on the eye and made me feel comfortable. There was no crude talk, no sleazy comments, just a lot of fun conversation. It was nice to be wined and dined and we talked so much that we stayed out until 1.30am. We’ve skirted around the idea of a second date so we’ll see what happens, but everything is signalling towards a repeat performance. He was gentlemanly, the right side of cocky and did I mention cute?

As I write this, I’m on a train back to my hometown. I’m off out tonight with MOD for a gig, which should be fun. I spoke to him in the week and while I won’t say what made him come down with split personality syndrome, it was understandable as to why he doesn’t think he’s in the ‘relationship’ zone just now. Doesn’t mean to say we can’t have a little fun…


4 thoughts on “My first ever real date

  1. I’ve never been on a real date, and I’m 50, and was married for almost 30 years. Times have changed. When my mother was young, dating a variety of people was totally normal. Now we’re expected to have sex without even going on a date first.

  2. I’ve never been on a real date either! And I’m 33 – although I was married for 11 of those years, so I’m not sure if they all count. Congrats on the date! I’m glad to hear it went well. 🙂

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