Age vs Baggage

So I pulled last night (hurrah for me!). Though, I have to thank Miss America for pointing him out to me in the first place. We’d seen him earlier on in the evening but I paid no attention, mainly because we were on a girls night out with a mixture of work colleagues (current and past) and various friends. One by one, they all went home leaving me with Miss America. As I stood by the bar and she danced away, the first thing I noticed was the smell. Joop! – possibly THE sexiest aftershave ever made. Seriously, it has a reputation as a bit of a bush magnet and hey, it worked on me. When I turned around I saw the hottie we’d seen earlier.

Now, I don’t tend to make moves on guys. Ever. I’m far too shy, but for some reason (drunkenness probably) I started chatting him up. For the next two hours we talked. He’s 30, half french, works in property and has a sideline in music. And by all accounts sounds very posh indeed. Even his name sounds posh. I’ll call him Mr Double-Barrel. The baggage? He has (wait for it) a young son. The same age as MOD’s little boy. And after googling Mr Double-Barrel (obviously) it looks like he was married for a spell. On the upside, he was super polite, very cute and texted me all the way home. And this morning.

I guess it’s inevitable that with me fast approaching 30, guys I encounter are increasingly going to have children/ex-wives etc as part of their package. Someone at work refers to it as Terminal 5 syndrome. I have no baggage – no kids, just a long term ex, but I’m realising it’s going to be rare for me to find someone else in the same position as time goes on, unless I go for a younger model.

Been there, done that, not really up for going there again. I’d rather take the baggage.


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