What is it with exes?

Why are things never easy? What is it about exes that means they can put a stop on everything? I was speaking to my old school friend, I’ll call him MOD, on Facebook. Everything was going well. Flirting, banter – situation normal. Then he went quiet and told me he’d just had a call from his ex. Oh dear.

He says he doesn’t think he can cope with another relationship at the moment, which is where he thinks this is going and doesn’t want to lead me on. I was gutted, but played the ‘it’s cool’ card. He was very apologetic but is still trying to get over his split with the ex and losing full access to his little boy at the same time. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. It was so out of the blue – a total 180 in the mood and conversation.

I have no idea what she said to him, clearly it was something that made him feel fully shit. Why do exes have to get in the way? Although I wasn’t expecting anything to happen when we met, I was pleasantly surprised. He’s good looking, a great laugh and someone I felt genuinely relaxed around. In my head anyway we clicked and it’s rare that someone manages to live up to my expectations.

Putting it into perspective, I’ve fancied him from a distance for 12 years, and him with me. I can play the long game. Doesn’t stop me feeling gutted though.


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