The Meet

So it’s been a great weekend so far. Last night I met with the old friend from my Man Of My Dreams post. Our ‘date’ lasted a whopping 14 hours, resulting in zero minutes sleep for me. Oh well – I’ll take one for the team!

He’s even more sexy than I remember from school. His dark hair is now flecked with grey, gorgeous blue eyes, dimples and the most kissable pair of lips I’ve seen in a good long while! We had the usual catch up chat and then talked about random stuff. He got my flirting style as well and gave back as good as he got with the banter – great fun. We bar hopped and drank obscene amounts of alcohol and were later joined by one of his friends – apparently we went to school together but I don’t remember him at all. At around 6am we left to go back to his mates house and chill out. Before I knew it the sun was up and the knowledge that I had a 160 mile drive ahead of me made itself known.

Bearing in mind that a – I had a hotel room booked and paid for that I’d hardly seen the inside of and b – I thoroughly planned on getting laid I asked him back. After a good half hour of taking the piss out of each other I finally got his clothes off. Or was it the other way around? Doesn’t matter – it was pretty damned good! He did get a bit poorly though. I’d rammed a brewery down his throat over the course of the night, poor guy, and I’ve never seen anyone be so apologetic.

All in all I had a great night. I laughed like I haven’t for a long time and apparently, he’s been waiting since our school days to make a move. Slooooooow. He’s already said he wants to meet again now I’ve told him I fancy the hell out of him. We’ll see what happens next.


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