Facebook stalking and transformations

You know what it’s like when you meet someone on a night out. There’s alcohol, it’s dark, you’ve had a crap night after meeting your crush’s new lady-friend. The guy I gave my number to last week, who I’ll now refer to as The Scotsman texted me this week. My first thought was ‘oh god, what did he even look like?’. Thank God for Facebook.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Surely when you meet someone, it’s only natural to check them out on Facebook or Twitter nowadays? Hell, companies do it for prospective employees. Well, I hunted The Scotsman down in Facebook and after some digging, I found him. Thankfully, I wasn’t turned off by what I saw in the sober, Facebook world. We should be going for dinner next week.

Someone else I’ve been eyeing up is one of the security guards at work. He’s pretty cute – tall, brown hair, Polish and younger than me I think. After some persuasion I spoke to one of the ladies on reception and found out his name. Baby steps! Oh, and I’m meeting up with (literally) the man of my dreams I blogged about a couple of posts back. I texted him earlier to confirm Saturday night and I’ve told him I’m up for a messy night.

I’ve had a busy day today without really doing anything. I spent almost 5 hours at the hair salon today and lopped all my hair off. Well, not all of it, but it’s very short now anyway. It’s been a busy old week – hopefully I’ll have something interesting to blog about after this weekend.

Happy Easter!


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