Witnessing a phenomenon….

I work in a very male orientated company. Like, I reckon about 80% male, so you’d have thought the ratio of fit to non-fit men would be high in my favour. Sadly, this isn’t the case. So imagine my surprise when I went along to a meeting today and was greeted by a young and, wait for it, attractive guy! It was such a shock I almost fell off my chair.

A lot of my job involves interaction with trade unions. Mostly, they look grumpy, ageing and generally unattractive. Not dissimilar to this:

The guy who came to my meeting was around my age, maybe a little younger, dark hair, blue eyes – provided a nice distraction for the afternoon. There is hope yet. Maybe it’s the weather. It’s been a gorgeous few days, with temperatures reaching the dizzy heights of 23 degrees today. I’ve always noticed how the sunshine tends to bring the hotties out of hibernation…I can’t wait for summer 😉


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