The power of the pitch

Today has been a hungover mooching day, which is funny since I got no more than tipsy last night. I spent lunchtime with my Gym Buddy doing some light shopping and then came home with a plan to do a quick hair treatment and some tidying up. Instead, I watched Wales beat France to win the Six Nations cup. It was a great game and my word there are some hotties on the Welsh team. Man of the match for me was Leigh Halfpenny who, aside from having a mighty strong right leg also has a mighty cute face.


Immediately afterwards came England v Ireland. I saw about 2 minutes of it before I fell asleep. When I woke up, it had finished (congrats to England) but at least my headache is gone. Shame for Ireland, especially on St Patrick’s Day – have a good one my Irish fellows! But as I turned the TV over, the contrast between scenes of joy and scenes of distress were clear when I watched the news reports about 23 year old Bolton Wanderers midfielder Muamba, who collapsed on the pitch with a suspected heart attack. Watching the pictures of paramedics running onto the pitch to provide CPR and stunned supporters from both Bolton and Tottenham Hotspur was so sad. Players collapsing and even dying on the pitch isn’t that much of a rare occurrence. Eight years ago, Marc Vivien Foe collapsed and died, aged 28 playing for his country of Cameroon, and Miklos Feher who died on the pitch aged 24 playing for Benfica in 2004 – both due to cardiac arrest.

Reading my newsfeed on Facebook, it was nice to see the usual football rivalries that emerge on a Saturday (and there are a fair few) replaced by well wishes for Muamba. It’s often said that sport has the power to bring people together and when you think about it, it’s true. I’m fairly sure the football world is united in their prayers for this young player who, it seems now is in a stable condition, will pull through.

Here’s hoping he gets well soon.



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