3 out of 5 and going international

It’s been a good while since I last updated my lil old blog, mainly because I don’t know where my evenings are going! There’s a girl at work who always seems busy and I used to joke that she was too tied up. She’d reel off a list of things she’d do and people she’d meet over the course of a few days and I’d never been able to figure out how she wasn’t constantly overwhelmed. When I split with the ex one of my worries was that I’d be sat around doing sweet F.A and my evenings would all roll into one boring and uneventful mass of wasted time. It seems I was wrong.

Blogging provides a nice distraction when things are quiet and with the new WordPress Stats, I’ve been amazed to see the demographic of those who’ve stumbled upon my rambling posts. For one thing, most of the views seem to be coming from the US as opposed to my home country of the UK and my (frankly sometimes) incoherent babbling has reached as far as Mongolia, Indonesia, Iceland and Qatar. It’s crazy. A huge hello to any foreign lovelies reading this! 😀

Aside from blogging, I’ve started up at the gym again and as a friend works there, it’s been great to have a gym-buddy. I’ve only been going twice a week, but this week I’ve upped it to 3, and I’ll be continuing that trend. That’s 3 out of my 5 week nights gone already! It’s approaching 10.30pm and I’m only now getting to sit and relax after finishing work at 5pm. Mental. When you add on the inevitable Friday night out, I’m left with surprisingly little time to do the other stuff that needs to be done in my life. I’m not complaining – far from it. I love my life right now. I just didn’t realise how easy it would be to fill the time and it makes me wonder what the hell I used to do. I wish I could say something exciting was happening with my love/sex life but, alas, all is quiet on the Western front. Well. Almost, but that’s another post for another day.

Last week I caught the dreaded lurgy and came down with a throat infection. It’s gone now, thanks to my lovely friend, Miss America, and her herbal remedies. My weekend was spent accompanying her to a homebirth conference in my home town and it was great to listen to and be around so many midwives and doulas who were passionate about what they do. It’s only reinforced the idea that doula training is a must. It seems a more manageable goal than dropping everything to study midwifery anyway. And I’m immensly proud of my friend for holding her own during her workshop – it’s great to see her doing well. On Sunday I spent the day wandering around a shopping centre in London with my gym buddy (i.e. spending money). The sun was shining and it was a relaxed day, aside from almost pooping my pants after I thought I saw my ex. More details to come – it warrants its own post. Despite feeling pants for the latter half of last week, the weekend itself was fabulous.

I’m affording myself the luxury of having a weekend off next week. I plan to do nothing apart from lounge around in my PJ’s and finally lavish some attention on my spanking new Playstation 3. That being said, if the weather continues like it is, it’ll be difficult for me to resist the temptation for some alfresco beverages…


6 thoughts on “3 out of 5 and going international

  1. Rest assured, you have at least one local reader.
    I know exactly what you mean about being busy. When I was single I had a social life and went out and did things. Now I’m married we don’t really. Perhapse there’s a lesson in that for us both.

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