When technology goes bad

Isn’t it annoying when things don’t work as they should? I got home today to find the Internet has broken. Shock horror! If it wasn’t for 3G on my phone I think I’d go mad. It isn’t good that the Internet is such a crucial part of my life, I know. I feel really quite lost with it. Poor me.

In other news, I had a great weekend, the best of the year so far. Friday night I was out with a friend who is fast becoming my bestest. She came down to London to stay with me and we went out to hit the light fantastic as my boss says. We got glammed up and hit Hoxton on a mission to have fun. Imagine my surprise when we get to the bar and one of the guys whipping up cocktails turned out to be an ex. We’d dated for about 3 months when I was around 16 and I really liked him. Until he dumped me by text. When I reminded him of that, we ended up getting the round of drinks on the house. Not all bad. Following that, as I got to the cloakroom, I did a double take – the guy stood behind the counter was an old friend of mine who was in my life the same time as the ex I’d just got free drinks from. Blasts from the past all round. In the end it was a great night with lots of dancing and surprisingly little drunkenness. We ended up spending around £20 each thanks I a bunch of Asian guys intent on buying drinks for us.

Saturday saw me and my friend head back up to Hertfordshire where I cooked up some curry goat and we chilled for an early start Sunday morning. Getting up at 7am on a weekend isn’t normally my thing but my friend had a busy day and I was happy to help and ended up taking her adorable dog for a long walk.

I have to say, compared to 2011, 2012 is shaping up to be fantastic. As I sat in the sunny courtyard of a pub, sipping a latte and munching on a sausage sandwich, the only thing in my head was that I love my life. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier and that is a lovely feeling to have.


Oh, and did I mention that Mr Soldier returns this weekend? Hopefully he’s not been too tired out by his gun toting antics!


2 thoughts on “When technology goes bad

  1. Fantastic….a great post. It’s a lovely feeling to know you are enjoying your life – even if you do end up having to curry goats to enjoy it. Please be careful with Mr Soldier….I am sure he’ll be more than happy to see you 🙂

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