Adele – Ghetto Fabulous

I just have to say, watching Adele pick up her gazillionth award on the Brit Awards, I love the fact she’s so down to earth. OK, so she sounds like she’s from a dodgy council estate in London, but hey, guess what…that’s normal. I’m from a dodgy council estate in London. It really grates on me when people slag her off because of her weight, or her accent. She’s a great role model for girls out there. She’s not prancing around naked with her tits and arse hanging around, nor is she out getting legless on vodka jelly shots. She’s the type of girl you could have a good chinwag with. And, she writes amazing songs. This one, Rolling in the Deep, is what got me through my break up. Someone Like You is fabulous, but too depressing. With Rolling in the Deep, I took the line ‘we could have had it all’ to mean, you had your chance, and you blew it.

And it made me feel good 🙂


4 thoughts on “Adele – Ghetto Fabulous

  1. I love Adele. I don’t pay much attention to awards as at times they go with what’s popular rather than what’s real quality but I was really happy for her success at the Brit and Grammy Awards. When she sings, I feel like she has never sung a word she never meant.

  2. I hate the fact that she’s held up as something to be admired. (I do incidentally own and like 19, and have long meant to get 21.) I like the fact that she’s not a size zero. I like the fact she talks like a chav. (I know that sounds snobbish. It’s not. Ok, it is a little.) I like the fact that she doesn’t do videos like Rihanna. I like the fact that I suspect she drinks pints of Hobgoblin rather than vodka jellys, and that she’s more likely to win a bar fight than loose it. But I hate the fact that she’s supposed to be a role model. For me it detracts from the fact that she’s got an awesome tallent. Aretha and Missy Elliot aren’t exactly svelt, but no one says ooh, can’t she sing well for a fat chick.
    And perversly, I wonder how much commercial success she would really have had if she’d looked a little less ordinary.
    [Sorry – I’m having a bit of an impromptu ranting day.]

    • Don’t apologise 🙂

      I get what you’re saying to an extent, but I do think she IS a great role model. She shows that you don’t have to be a reality star/bleached blonde faked boob airhead to get somewhere, you can do it through hard work.

      Totally agree with the hobgoblin though 😉

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