The best sex I ever had

Today, mainly because I’ve been stupidly in need of a good seeing to, I realised that I can’t think what my best ever sex was.

That’s bad, right?

I mean, I’ve had some amazing sex, I know that I have. It’s just that I can’t remember it. I was with my ex for such a long time and we had a healthy sex life, more or less daily, but as is the way of things, a lot of it was standard. Even still, nothing in particular is jumping out at me.

Oh Dear

OK, let’s get some perspective here. I’ve never had that bad sex, but is it weird that I can’t pinpoint anything specific? I’ll be honest, the partners I’d had before my ex weren’t anything fantastic, so I can’t count them. And I know there was some really good sex with the ex, I remember that. I remember going at it full pelt til we were sweaty many a time, especially at the beginning of our relationship, but it’s bugging me that there isn’t one specific time that stands out. What does that say about my sex life?

Since my ex, I had a brief summer fling and while the sex was good, it wasn’t anything fantastic. He seemed to lose his erection a lot and we never moved harmoniously and he liked to pound away, so I can’t count him. The one night stand I had before Christmas was good, but being a one night stand, he didn’t know what I liked and so, yes, I faked it. I know. I’m hanging my head in shame, but I didn’t know what else to do since he was clearly waiting for it, and it just wasn’t about to happen. Mr Soldier was good, great in fact, but there were nerves on both sides and since he’s away now I’ll have to wait before I get to road test him again.

Maybe I’m making a big deal out of nothing, but most people I’ve had this kind of conversation with seem to be able to bring up a time they recall as being their best. So why can’t I? It feels like if I have to put effort into thinking about what my best was, then it couldn’t have been THAT fantastic.



6 thoughts on “The best sex I ever had

  1. Time to make the mind blowing experiences 😉 What is your idea of amazing sex?

    I asked Mr Married Man about his best sex.. he said it was with me, because we have such a connection and he loves me. I looked at him like wtf. He asked me, I refused to answer 😉

    • Oh I intend to 😉 My idea of amazing sex varies. Sometimes it’s a long drawn out emotionally connected thing, but right now it’s just getting slammed against a wall and banged lol. I think in 2 weeks this will have to happen! Love the refusal to answer, keep em guessing hehe

  2. Really interesting as I had to come up with the best sex ever for a survey and it was so difficult as most of it has been very good…I can only think of a handful of experiences when I either was not really fancying the girl as much as I expected to in bed because of something minor that put me off (discovering a giant untrimmed bush one night waiting for me when I went down is something that does spring immediately to mind….oh dear….how did I cover my shock?)….but apart from that, maybe my mind is being very selective, but I can only remember some beautiful times, some really really horny times and then some just amazing times which went on for hours, days, weekends when I thought I would never tire of my partner.
    I may be able to think of a top 10 however, and maybe that could be my next entry (no pun intended) 😉

    • A giant untrimmed bush? hahaha. Unlucky! How DID you cover your shock? I’ve definitely had the really horny sex where you just want to be glued to each other, but not one amazing mindblowing experience is popping up. Hmm. Oh well.

      Glad to be of inspiration 😉

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