THE sexiest dance ever…

On my quest to find something new to do, I’ve been looking at a number of dance classes to keep me in tip top shape. I’ve done belly dancing and hip hop/street dance, so I wanted to do something different.

Music is massively important to me. It can pick me up or bring me down in an instant. If I need to focus on something, say, work, I’ll plug my headphones in and find that I’ve reached a higher level of concentration. So I want to dance to something  that really stirred feelings within me. I want to dance to something sexy. Something seductive that would require me to wear heels. And so, I have decided to learn the Argentinian Tango. It’s not a snap decision – I love the music and I love the dance having seen it on TV some years back. I want to do something that will make me feel feminine. I want to dance with somebody, a gorgeous man, preferably, and from what I’ve seen, this dance allows for some seriously sexy moves.

I cannot wait. My local dance school looks really good and it’s not too expensive. Time to get my sexy on.


6 thoughts on “THE sexiest dance ever…

  1. That’s my current favorite tango video. I’ve been dancing for 4 years and it continues to entrance me and reveal depths. I can’t think of a better way to spend time than to spin and trade axes with another person on the dance floor! Try lots of different teachers – there are various approaches and styles. And there’s lots of great instructional video on the net. Good luck!

    Check this one out too:

  2. Ohhh… I am jealous!!! Any form of the tango done outside of China looks so passionate and in my opinion just like it is such fun!!! I’ve tried to take dance lessons for the tango here but failed miserably. And not because I’ve two left feet and am uncoordinated. But because they wanted everyone to be blind robots with no passion or fire while dancing the tango.

    I don’t know about them… but when I watch Antinio Banderas dance the tango in Zarro it looks like he is about to rip her clothes off and take her right there. That’s passion!!!

    • This is definitely not a dance to be robotic! I do believe the teacher can make or break a dance, finding a good one in any style of dance is hard. But yes, Zorro, swoon. It’s just so damned sexy!

      • I know!!! The tango to me years ago was described as sex on the dance floor. In China??? It’s like two people who hate sex, have an eggplant stuck up their bums, and are made out of stone trying to do the dance perfectly rather than actually enjoying it.

        Good luck!!!!

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