I’s a naughty chick…

Or at least, I’ve decided to be. Yes, I’ve decided to take up my friend’s offer of no-strings naughty nookie. I’ll call him Mr Soldier. The idea of seeing him in his combats is putting me in a spin…but it wasn’t just the uniform that made me make this decision.

I’ve known him for a long time, about 11 years. He was my friend’s kid brother and for some reason, I always thought he was younger than me. I tend to forget that most of my mates are a little older than I am, but it turns out he’s a year older than me. I’d thought he was about 25/26 with no real job other than training to become a soldier, but it turns out he works at a special needs school during the day. Kinda made me go, awww. Add to this the fact that he’s got a filthier tongue and imagination than I have and I was pretty much swayed.

As a twist of fate, my car decided to almost die on me after a fabulous weekend up in Hertfordshire with my friend. My mechanic’s garage is a mere few minutes walk away from Mr Soldier’s house. Two birds, one stone. Let the fun begin.


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