Like moths to a flame…

Isn’t it funny how sometimes, you just seem to attract men? I can’t say I’ve done anything different with my appearance lately. I haven’t even made that much of an effort with my clothes. Same jeans, same Converse, same work clothes. But for some reason, I seem to be amassing a number of admirers. Am I complaining? Hell no. It’s just a little baffling, that’s all.

Maybe, as my ex said to me yesterday, it’s my confidence. I’ve noticed myself that some guys, even if they’re not attractive in the slightest, will exude a confidence so strong that you have to sit up and take notice. Maybe that’s what it is. Maybe I’ve got that cheeky glint in my eye. Today saw another unsuspecting male make an advance, and quite a direct one at that. I’ll add him to my little black book.

Whatever it is that’s making me seem more attractive, I’m going to revel in it. These things don’t last very long. It’s a shame I can’t bottle it up and save it for a rainy day. As my mate said to me the other day, since I have admirers, it’ll be my own fault if I don’t get laid. The question is whether I can juggle them effectively until I decide which one’s services to enlist.


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