People I shouldn’t fancy, but I do…

I had a conversation yesterday with a friend of mine about what our types were. I don’t have one. That’s not to say I whore myself around (as if), but I don’t go for a specific hair colour, race etc etc. I like suited and booted guys, I like your hoodrat guys, I like the indie scruffy-haired-skinny-jeans guys, I like skater guys, you get my drift. Looks don’t really have to factor into it. I mean, sure, nobody wants to wake up to a total munter, but I have a long list of men I really shouldn’t like, but I do.

Now, I should point out that I wouldn’t necessarily do all of these guys, but generally, there’s something about all of them that makes me go a bit…wobbly. For me, if a guy does something really well, he’s already got my attention. So here’s my embarrassing crush list. Don’t judge me.

Maybe mine aren’t that bad. I’ll bet there are some really freaky celeb crushes going on out there…


4 thoughts on “People I shouldn’t fancy, but I do…

  1. I got a crush on Salma Hayek. She’s dreamy. And my wife doesn’t blame me either. My wife likes Trent Reznor and John Cusack.

    In other news, I wish someone with half a brain would have done Heroes justice. What a waste. That show pissed me off. I wanted it to work, but it just didn’t.

    • John Cusack is lovely, not a guilty crush! I saw him once, he’s really tall. As for Heroes, I tuned out after series 1. It had so much potential but seemed to go really downhill which was a shame.

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