I love Sundays

I love Sundays because it’s just a day to do diddly-squat. I woke up at 10am and lounged around in bed until 1pm watching the Hollyoaks omnibus. Since then, I’ve pretty much remained horizontal while bidding on eBay, eating Haribos and listening to music. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without music, it would just be too weird. I love how a song can stir up emotions or remind you of a certain place or certain someone. So these are my Sunday tracks for today.

1. Kaiser Chiefs – Everyday I Love you Less and Less. I love this because it’s pretty much true

2. Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work. Such a lovely feel-good track. This reminds me of a certain someone who makes me smile
3. The Maccabees – Love You Better. Roll on Thursday’s gig!

4 thoughts on “I love Sundays

  1. Two Door Cinema Club = Yes. The Maccabees = Yes. Kaiser Chiefs = No. Sundays = No. I normally have a stinking hangover on a Sunday. Most do right? It just feels like a wasted day! I should probably actively do something about it, instead though, I will most likely bitch and whinge every Sunday…It’s just easier.

    PS. Thanks for your comment. Just had a read through your blog, it’s great! Good luck with ‘Mr Music’ :p

    • Kaiser Chiefs are good! Except for Ruby, that’s just annoying. My hangovers are normally on a Saturday, Friday nights are much better since you get to drink out all that week long work tension hehe. But yeah, Sundays are to be wasted. Unless you’re in a relationship and then you generally get to lounge around being all snuggly.

      As for Mr Music…thank you 🙂

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