Take a hint!

Sigh. Why do some people seem unable to take a hint? After a mild dalliance last year, I now have a situation where a guy just will not leave me alone. I don’t care that you miss talking to me, I don’t care that you’re still single. What I would like is for you to forget my number.

I get how after a relationship it can be hard to let someone go. I mean, I begged and pleaded to have my ex back, though now I know I wouldn’t go back in a million years. But this guy knew me for what? A couple of months? I don’t understand how someone can get that attached and/or not take a hint.

When I said I didn’t think it was a good idea to talk anymore, I meant it. When I blocked you on Facebook, I meant it. So why not accept it and move on? I can be fairly heartless, I know, but really? It’s starting to creep me out now and since my mobile phone operator can’t block numbers, I’ll have to either get a new one or live with it.



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